Big enough for the job with commitment
to the finest detail

Licenses and Services
MD State Journeyman Licensed Plumbers
Medical Gas Certification
Backflow Prevention Certification
Certified Welders
MD State Master Plumber License #7401
Maryland State HVAC License #5531
Steam and hot water boiler installation
Design and build plumbing systems
Perform pipe and duct work insulation
Complete refrigeration installation service
MD State licensed sprinkler contractor






R.H. Lapp & Sons boasts and extensive portfolio. Projects completed range in size from $100,000 to $3.3 million and everywhere in between.

Click on a thumbnail picture below to view a description of some of our favorite projects, or click here for a more extensive list and detailed look at our projects.

Keystone Phone Center
One Frederick Street
Riverside YMCA
Rocky Gap Lodge and Golf Resort
Allied Health Building
Citicorp Establishment Services
Swearigen Aircraft Mfg. Co.
FSU Appalachian Environmental Lab
Cumberland Regional Airport