George W. Lapp Jr. - President

Licenses and Services
MD State Journeyman Licensed Plumbers
Medical Gas Certification
Backflow Prevention Certification
Certified Welders
MD State Master Plumber License #7401
Maryland State HVAC License #5531
Steam and hot water boiler installation
Design and build plumbing systems
Perform pipe and duct work insulation
Complete refrigeration installation service
MD State licensed sprinkler contractor







George W. Lapp Jr. started with the corporation in 1973 as an Apprentice Plumber. After completing a 4 year apprenticeship program he worked field construction for 17 years, the last 7 as a Project Foreman. In 1990, he began working in the office as an Estimator. In 1992 he purchased 50% of the company stock in and the remaining 50% in 2003. He then began selling stock to key officers in 2004 and currently owns 62.5% of outstanding stock. He also holds State Master Plumber and Master HVAC Licenses.

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